Entertaining in Style: Setting Up the Perfect Guest Room

Entertaining in Style: Setting Up the Perfect Guest Room

Entertaining guests is one of life's delightful privileges.

Whether it's old friends visiting from out of town, family members gathering for special occasions, or new acquaintances paying a courtesy visit, a well-prepared guest room can leave a lasting impression.

In this guide, we'll walk you through creating an inviting guest room that merges functionality with impeccable style, ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable stay.

1. Prioritise Comfort with the Right Furniture

Your guest room's centrepiece is, undoubtedly, the bed. When selecting a bed, consider a neutral and versatile design that will suit various tastes.

Opt for a medium-firm mattress complemented by plush pillows and high-quality linens. If space allows, adding a cosy armchair or chaise lounge can offer guests a private spot to relax and read.

Example Tips:

  • Consider a bed with storage drawers beneath, offering extra space for additional blankets or pillows, ensuring adaptability to different guest needs.
  • Additionally, an armchair or chaise lounge tucked into a corner can serve as a personal reading nook or relaxation spot.

2. Optimise the Layout for Flow and Functionality

Think of the guest room as a mini-hotel suite. A clear pathway should lead from the entrance to the bed, with easy access to side tables and storage areas.

Place the bed in a central location, ideally with the headboard against the longest wall, leaving ample space on either side for movement.

Example Tips:

  • If you're anticipating two guests, consider twin beds with a shared nightstand. This arrangement provides flexibility for different guest dynamics, from close friends to siblings.
  • Mirrors can be a game-changer. A well-placed mirror not only enhances the room's brightness but can also give the illusion of space, making the room feel more expansive and welcoming.

Optimise the Layout for Flow and Functionality

3. Personalise with Thoughtful Touches

From fresh flowers on the side table to a stack of assorted magazines, little details make a significant impact.

Consider adding a basket filled with essentials such as towels, toiletries, and a universal phone charger. These minor inclusions signal to your guests that their comfort is your top priority.

Example Tips:

  • Place a handwritten welcome note on the nightstand, paired with a guidebook of local attractions, eateries, and a Wi-Fi password card.
  • Introduce a digital alarm clock with charging ports. It's a small gesture, but it's convenient and shows you've considered modern-day needs.

Personalise with Thoughtful Touches

4. Provide Ample Storage

Guests appreciate having space to unpack and store their belongings.

Equip the room with a dresser, closet space, or wall-mounted hooks. Empty a few drawers and ensure the closet has a mix of hangers, catering to different clothing types.

Example Tips:

  • In the closet, include a small ironing board and iron, along with a laundry basket, offering a hotel-like convenience that guests will surely appreciate.
  • Offer luggage racks or stands, ensuring suitcases remain accessible yet out of the way. If possible, a small in-room safe can be an added luxury, allowing guests to secure their valuables.

Provide Ample Storage

5. Illuminate with Layered Lighting

Lighting sets the room's ambiance.

Ensure the guest room has a mix of lighting sources: an overhead light for general illumination, bedside lamps for evening reading, and possibly a floor lamp in a room corner to create a cosy atmosphere.

Example Tip:

  • Consider smart bulbs with adjustable colour temperatures. Guests can tweak lighting based on their preference, be it warm for relaxation or cool for reading.

6. Prioritise Privacy

Windows in the guest room should have curtains or blinds, ensuring guests feel private and secure.

If the room's location means it's exposed to household noise, consider adding plush rugs or wall hangings to dampen sound.

Example Tips:

  • If the window offers a pleasant view, set up a small sitting area by it, complete with a coffee table and a couple of chairs, allowing guests to unwind while soaking in the scenery.
  • Blackout curtains can be a thoughtful addition, ensuring guests can control the light intake, especially if they're adjusting to new time zones or simply prefer sleeping in.

Prioritise Privacy

7. Add Elements of Entertainment

While your guests might be out most of the day, they'll appreciate having entertainment options for downtime.

A small bookshelf stocked with a range of titles, a TV with streaming capabilities, or even a compact music system can elevate the guest experience.

Example Tip:

  • Create a mini 'entertainment centre' on a dresser top, complete with a Bluetooth speaker, a selection of board games, and a few local magazines.

8. Harmonise with a Neutral Palette

While personal taste can dictate room aesthetics, a guest room benefits from a neutral palette, creating a universally appealing space.

Whites, beiges, soft greys, or muted blues can set a serene backdrop. Spruce up with patterned cushions, art pieces, or an accent wall for a touch of character.

Example Tips:

  • Introduce textures through textiles. A soft throw on the bed, velvet cushions, or a tactile rug can add depth and warmth to the neutral setting.
  • While the primary colour scheme remains neutral, don't shy away from introducing colour pops through accessories. Be it a vibrant throw, patterned cushions, or curated artwork, these can infuse the room with personality without overpowering the serene backdrop.

Concluding Remarks

In the art of hospitality, creating an inviting guest room is a gesture that speaks volumes. It's about curating a space where guests feel cherished and at ease.

As you weave in the tips above, may your guest room stand as a testament to your impeccable taste and warm heart, ensuring every visitor leaves with fond memories and eager anticipation for their next stay.

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